14 november 2011

Gezocht: assistent(e)

Ik kan het niet langer uitstellen. Ik heb hulp nodig. In een "normaal" bedrijf gooi je er een zak geld tegenaan en je "huurt" een werker. Bij OM gaat dat wel wat anders. Die zakken met geld zijn er niet en het is ook van belang dat een toekomstige medewerker iets van een roeping ervaart. Sommigen noemen dat een "klik", of "hun ding" en dat maakt het allemaal wat ingewikkelder. Ik weet dat de persoon die ik zoek ergens rondloopt, zit, of staat maar van een afstandje niet kan ruiken dat er een job beschikbaar is. Misschien dat u, gewaardeerde bloglezer iemand weet die deze schoen past?

Job Opportunity

Assistant to the Director of Human Resources M/F

Operation Mobilisation’s International Human Resources provides the development, administration and implementation of HR agenda and systems, and facilitates the training, leadership and personal development, and care for its global staff.
To keep track of the wide variety of projects and processes the division needs a capable administrative assistant to hold the pieces of the puzzle together, implementing clear structures for communication and processes.

The director of the division is looking for an assistant. 

The key results for this person are:

1)     Manage and monitor projects and processes.
·         Keeping the oversight of the different projects, monitoring “to do” lists and preparing the agenda for different committee meetings.
2)     Read incoming mail and take appropriate action
·         Determine which mails can be answered on behalf of the division leader and which need his personal attention
3)     Develop and maintain a filing system
·         A transferrable system is in place that can easily be accessed and understood by others.
4)     Act on behalf of the division leader in designated projects and current processes
5)     Compose a bi-monthly IPS report and develop/maintain the database of recipients
·         Collecting reports from the different departments and compose an attractive, readable piece of communication
6)     Able to do small scale research
·         Current HR trends and developments are being traced and digested in pieces of communication that others will benefit from.
7)     Any other jobs in agreement with the division leader and within the HR context.
·         Projects are mostly interdepartmental. Dependent on the skills, preferences you can/will be asked to take a role in these interdepartmental projects.
8)     Prepare and monitor the budget
·         Assist department heads and, where appropriate and required, individuals to think through plans and budgets, collating these and integrating these in the overall plan and budget.

Your profile:
·        You are a good and effective communicator
·         Helping others to do well is one of your traits
·         You are n eager learner
·         You have proven administrative skills
·         You enjoy working on projects
·         You enjoy the details
·         Your personal communication is excellent and comes easy

·         Available at least part time (approx. 20 hours a week)
·         Willing to live in, or move to Carlisle (UK)
·         Preferably bi-lingual. English is a must, Dutch would be a preference.
·         This is a non-paid job. Candidates will have to raise their own financial support.

Applications to be send to the Director of International Human Resource Services. In the application you will describe in what way you fit the profile and a clear motivation why you feel you are the right person for this role. 

Applications to be send by email to jan.denouden@om.org

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